Impact Scholars Program Ambassador  Luwen Bent

Our First Impact Scholars Program Ambassador Scholarship Essay - Luwen Bent

On the 15th of February in the 2000, a new ray of light shone in my life. That day, marked the birth of my first and only child so far; Jonah Phillpotts. 

Motherhood was a new and fulfilling experience for me. It was overwhelming to know that I had carried and nurtured life within. I watched him while he slept and soaked up every moment when he was awake. He was a curious, energetic child and I could clearly see him growing. He was privy to the attention of young married parents in their mid twenties. 

First Recipient Of Impact Scholarship Award

In the blink of an eye Jonah was in kindergarten. His comprehension and level of commitment to learning were impressive. I contributed to his development through educational toys, games, physical activity and proper nutrition. He had a solid social structure; being surrounded by fellow toddlers, numerous family members and good family friends. 

All this time I was working as a medical assistant, a dental assistant and eventually the manager of a medical office and spa in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I however, had plans to advance myself in the field of nursing in the near future. 

Jonah’s father and I separated due to irreconcilable differences but we are civil. We knew the importance of his development. Jonah’s scholastic achievement continued and he is currently in a TAG (Talented and Gifted) program, offered by Prince Georges County. He seems to have educational progression embedded, oftentimes he speaks of going to college. 

Things are not always easy emotionally and financially but I manage to maintain a level head and clear focus. Tight budgets and careful planning are mandatory parts of my life.

I like photography, music, the sound of running water and being close to nature while in good company. Jonah has participated in many activities over the years such as tap dancing, flag football, soccer and swimming. He is an avid reader but has the affinity of a typical child for video games, television and the internet. Visiting Jamaica; the land of my birth, fulfills us both but that cannot be placed highly on our priority list right now. 

The aim in life is to maintain stability, happiness and health for Jonah and I. It is a delicate balancing act to manage my work versus school timing. I must also ensure that Jonah stays with the pace in school, while maintaining his extra curricular activities and exposure to different aspects of life. 

It is a must that I continue to progress in the field of nursing. I hold the practice of caring for people close to heart. Nursing places me on the road to stability, while I contribute to the well being of others. I plan to be a formidable force in the this field for many years.

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