Beauty Brains Belief™ Mentoring Program

Helping our sisters discover their inner beauty one step at a time”

Mission:  Beauty Brains Belief™ Mentoring Program is designed to mentor all single mother and military widow lead families within the DC Metro Area. They just simply need to have a desire to have a mentor to guide them through furthering their education, financial aid process, creating a budget, saving/investing money for themselves and their children, eating and cooking healthy, single motherhood advice/assistance.  Whatever the need is we will help them through our in house experts and/or outside sources committed to help us improve their lives and put them on track for a better education for a career path suited for them ensuring they will be able to live above poverty level in their perspective State.

Beauty comes from the inside and out.  We want our mentees to achieve their educational goals to ensure  their

Brains are stacked with knowledge from life, college, and mentors to ensure they become self –sufficient and have a strong

Belief in self, which is critical to ensuring others believe in you as well.  Self-confidence is one of the top personal traits of successful people! Having a spiritual foundation (God) to lean on is equally as important to believing in yourself and having others believing in you. 

Vision:  Beauty Brains Belief™ Mentoring Program is to enrich the development of teen mothers, single mothers, military widows and their families by providing an environment that will allow them to build self-esteem by understanding they possess

Beauty, they can obtain education to augment their

Brains, and through strong

Belief they can become and do anything!  


  • Increase their awareness of the importance of having a mentor  
  • Partner with other mentoring programs designed for boys and young girls
  • Furthering their education – career choices
  • Ensure they are equipped with vital skill sets
  • Get the entire family involved with giving back to the community
  • Ensure data is collected to compare the effectiveness of our programs
  • Establish goals for 2015-18 expanding the program to include more families, cities and states

Beauty Brains Belief™ Mentoring Program Application

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