Parthenia and the Warford foundation has helped me in so many ways. My name is Amy Koch and I was only 24 years old when I was left a single mother and a military widow. The Warford foundation nominated me "Military widowed mother of the year" 2 summers the ceremony I was able to share my story and from doing so, have gained an imaginable amounts of support and love. The Warford Foundation continues to help me with mentoring (as I am expecting baby #2 and am not with the father of the baby), also coaching me with a financial budget setting, eventual schooling and their endless supply of love, guidance and support. (Amy Koch, military widow)

From day one of meeting Parthenia Warford and CEO of The Warford Foundation, I have been inspired by her continued drive an dedication to aid the widows is such an inspiration to me. I admire her integrity and loyalty to the widows. I have had the honor and privilege to work with her on some of her projects. And each time I am humbled when I see all that she does and continues to push forward through any obstacle with a smile on her face!! (Theresa34, military widow)

I've been a volunteer with The Warford Foundation since August 2011. I remain engaged with the organization because of the immediate and tangible impact it has on its beneficiaries as well as the tremendous example provided by the founder, Parthenia Warford. Even when fundraising goals haven't met need, Ms. Parthenia has used her personal funds to follow through on the commitments made to the people that TWF supports. She provides not only financial assistance, but mentorship, and a variety of other outreach and other community service efforts through the organization. Ms. Parthenia remains dedicated to growing the organization so that others may realize their goals of higher education, or to provide support to people and families enduring a challenging time. I often refer to her as a woman after God's own heart because despite whatever personal challenges she herself is facing, she is continually seeking ways to enrich the lives of others. Watching her selfless commitment to this cause inspires me to want to partner in any way. She allows volunteers to connect to the organization and fulfill their commitments via email, conference calls, etc. so that no matter your geographical location, you are empowered to make an impact. She also does a phenomenal job of making her staff and volunteers feel appreciated and valued. (LaCretia L., single mother/volunteer)

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